The Dark Knight Video Game

Tonight’s entertainment racked up 100 million in sales. Now that is something that any movie only dreams of accomplishing. This was the first time ever where a batman movie was released without a video game. Surprisingly, It is also the highest selling Batman thus far. Every other Batman released along with a game. No this one. Whats the delay?
Why no video game?

Well frankly, Heath Ledger is the joker. You cannot ever say dark knight again and not think of Heath Ledger. So with no Heath Ledger, will a video game be any good? You have people over at EA wondering how they will be able to enact the joker. I envisioned a game where you could play as both Batman and Joker. That is truly a gamers dream. But the reality is that without a Heath Ledger, you could not really begin to explore the possibilities of different cut scenes and so. I believe that to make this movie into a best selling game as the movie will take some crafty work from the people over at electronic arts.

Status of Video Game-

It was made official a while back that their was going to be a Batman Game. The delay was indeed Heath Ledger. Batman is told to glide sophisticatedly across rooftops. They say that this game can be extremely promising. Beyond this, the Dark Knight game has been highly concealed. I believe that a major factor as I have stated before is the Jokers presence. I look for electronic arts to really scrape up any type of Ledgers voice that they can get into the game. Also they really have to sit down and think about how they will share the roles between Batman and the Joker. I really feel that this game should take plenty of dedication. I hope that this game will be as worthy of its name as the movie was.

Can you please give me some info that I can run with?

Feel the pain that I felt when I heard its release date. March 2009. Yes, this means we will have to wait. But will the wait be worth it? It better be. People really loved this movie and the fact that Heath is gone sucks. You wish that you could see him in a future batman. I really hope they make this game worth it. This will be a chance to have a tangible piece of memory to remember the outstanding Dark Knight performance of Heath Ledger, not only on a movie screen but in your entertainment station.